DIY Abstract Painting

I’ll be honest with you, painting has never been my thing. Not from lack of trying or passion, I just can’t paint. My people like aliens and my trees look like green blobs. That said…look at my painting! Abstract seems to be my thing.
paint_canvas painting
I adapted this painting from a tutorial found on A Beautiful Mess for a DIY abstract painting. Because I have a smaller space with stronger colors, I went for a more punchy look. I started by panting the canvas because I wanted a yellow background.
paint_halfway done
From there, I layered different shapes on top of each other. My colors in the living room are deep red, turquoise, and yellow, so those are the shades I went with.
I added some lighter color accents, and boom! Painting. I hung it over the kitchen table, and it really gives a nice pop to the room. If you’re a great painter I’m sure yours will look even better. And if you’re painting-challenged like me…see? You can do it!

Happy painting!

xo. Brie

Beatles art and random findings

beatles_psI love stumbling across random art in Miami. When you go down to the Miami art district, there’s no telling what you’ll find painted on the walls. A wrong turn can quickly become a new discovery. This time, I stumbled upon a mural rendition of the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. Fantastic. Of course I couldn’t stop humming “Here Comes the Sun” for the rest of the night…but hey, what’s wrong with that?

Love where you live.

xo. Brie

Accent Wall Painting Project

A few months ago I moved into a new apartment, which my roommate Amy and I aptly named “Bungalow”, and started the whole getting settled and making the place feel homey process. After getting our (free!) couches moved in, the white space seemed…well, very white. Don’t get me wrong, I love a clean white wall as much as the next person, but this was feeling nearly institutional.

So what did we do? Painted an accent wall of course!

Before we started, the walls felt pretty sterile. We loved our big red couch, but needed more on the wall to tie it all in. We decided on a rich coffee color, because it brought out the warmth of the couch.


Done! We also found a wall decal on Etsy with our favorite Robert Frost quote that’s on it’s way. That will finish off the wall quite nicely I think

xo. Brie