For Sparta!

Spartan 2014_Mud Me
That’s me in the mud! This past weekend, Amy, my Fiance (!!) and I had the pleasure of running in the Miami Spartan Race! Let me just tell you, if you want to feel like a badass, running nearly 9 miles and conquering 21 obstacles is a surefire way to do it.
Spartan 2014_Wet Bun
Here’s Jim after finishing the swim. You think you’re going to mind immersing yourself in water and then having to run wet. But after just going through a bunch of dirt and mud? You really don’t…
Spartan 2014_Me over the wall
We had everything from 8 foot walls, to rope climbs, to filling buckets with rocks and carrying them over a hill, to swimming, to army crawling through mud. Nevermind an 8+ mile run. But honestly, it was SO much fun. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge. You can do it!
Spartan 2014_Mud BunOur team name was Peer Pressure. It seemed fitting for the occasion. The best part of it was, we all stuck together through the race and made sure everyone was alright and we all couple complete every obstacle. This made it way more fun for everyone, and we were able to finish together as a team.
Spartan 2014_team photo after
And to top it all off, when you’re done you get a medal, permanent BA status, and a free beer. What’s to lose? If you’re looking for a race, keep an eye on Groupon, that’s where I found our tickets and we got half off the regular registration price. All. Around. Win.

Go be awesome!

xo. Brie