IMG_9838.JPG Well, we did it! After 5 months of planning long distance, crafting 24/7, and packing for a cross country move…we’re married! Because of the CRAZY schedule I’ve had, I took a few month blogging hiatus…but it’s time to get back to it. There will be many posts in the weeks to come, partially because I did enough crafts to last a lifetime (or at least a year or two) and partially because until I find a new job, this is the only thing to keep me occupied. Lucky you guys…

I’ll also be posting more wedding pics, so bear with me! The above are a few sneak peeks, and thanks to our instagram hashtag #brammtolyndon, I get to relive the day over and over until the professional pics come in.

Now that I live in a new city, I think it’s time to take a slightly different direction with the blog. There will still be crafts and projects, but I will also be incorporating more and more city life, where to go, where to eat, where to explore type things. I’m new here myself, so come take a journey with me!

Watch out San Francisco…we’re coming for you.

xo. Brie

Blue Bottle Coffee

If you’re in San Francisco, and coffee’s your thing (as it is mine), you NEED to check out the Blue Bottle Coffee in Hayes Valley. It literally looks like they opened up a little garage and set up for business, and it was the best coffee I’ve had since Melbourne, Australia.

Blue Bottle Coffee
315 Linden St
San Francisco, CA 94102
b/t Octavia St & Gough St in Hayes Valley

It sits in a little alleyway, where you almost think you’ve missed it…but then you see that magical little blue bottle and you know everything is about to be delicious. There are places all through the city that serve BBC, however I definitely recommend this location, as it’s by far the cutest (and sure to make you feel the most hipster).

xo. Brie

I’m Engaged!

Early on the morning of April 5th, my boyfriend took me to the top of Tank Hill in San Francisco, where he asked me a question that set a new direction on our lives. And I said yes!
I’ve always thought it was silly how girls claim they can’t remember what their boyfriends say when they propose – but now I understand. What I do remember is, I agree to spend my life with my best friend, and now fiance.
Yep, it’s stunning. I spent most of the day staring at my left hand every time it caught the light and sparkled.

So, there are some big things ahead! We’ve decided to live in San Francisco, so not only will I be planning a wedding, but also a cross country move from Florida back to Cali where I was born. Join me for the journey! (And leave any advice in the comments!)

xo. Brie