Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour was beyond beautiful, in fact the whole city was full of beauty and culture. We spent two days there, and my first view of the Opera House was at sunset, as the vibrant colors danced over the white Opera House and the ships come in and out of the harbour. The bridge was almost equally impressive, and actually had people walking over on a tour!

There was a pirate ship that served dinner, and it went out through the harbour at sunset, which looked pretty fantastic. On the second day, we got closer and actually walked up the steps of the Opera House, and got to see it up close. If you’re heading down under any time soon, make the Opera House one of your top priorities.

Where have you traveled recently?

xo. Brie

Sidewalk Cafes & Easy Mornings


“Oh! do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow.
I cannot be dictated to by a watch.”

– Jane Austen

Sometimes we rush through the day, trying to get everything we can out of it. And that’s awesome…most of the time. But sometimes we need to stop at little breakfast cafes in downtown Syndey, have a cappuccino and recognize how pretty handpicked daisies can be. The world will be there when you’re finished, I promise.

Love where you live, and love where you travel.

xo. Brie

Planes, Trains, and Trams

train-boarding_psIn Australia we took nearly all public transportation when we weren’t walking (hey, I lost 5lbs, so…not complaining). The public transportation systems were actually fantastic, we took planes, trains, trams, ferries, taxis, and buses. The rides were quick, and it’s always fun to see a city the way the locals do. The trains are pretty clearly marked, except for platform 5, which was the one platform where you had to find one specific elevator in the station and take it down a few floors. Took us a few tries, but we got the hang of it.

One little travel tip, make sure your phone is charged when you set off exploring, because you don’t want your GPS to die mid-adventure…not that that happened (totally happened).

xo. Brie