Hiking Desolation Wilderness

2015/01/img_1764.jpg While on our ski trip, Jim and I went for a hike through Desolation Falls with out friends. Guys, the scenery was insanely gorgeous. These photos can’t begin to do it justice. Imagine being surrounded by snow-capped mountains, finding waterfalls and rivers along the way, and seeing the rocks and boulders poking through ice and snow. It was simply gorgeous, and definitely made me want to get more into hiking. Spending the day walking through and enjoying nature?? Yes please. It’s a workout too! Those hills and inclines won’t climb themselves. Overall it was a super fun experience, and I hope to do much more hiking in the future.

Happy trails,
xo. Brie

Skiing in Tahoe

2015/01/img_1716.jpg We made it to snow! Winter sports have never been my favorite (mostly on account of snow requiring stupid cold temperatures), but this time, we actually had a blast! It definitely helped that we planned ahead and got the right snow gear…little tip, don’t assume you’ll be warm enough. Ever. Maybe that’s just my inner Floridian talking, but seriously. Get the right gear. If you do…you’ll love it! We stuck mostly to the bunny slopes and green runs, and had so much fun.

Stay warm snow bunnies!
xo. Brie