New Tattoo (again)

Well, I did it again. Not really surprising if you know me, I like to get pretty things put on my body. Permanently. Actually this is the first tattoo out of my four that I didn’t get for any real reason. This one was just for fun. Speaking of fun, if you can grit your teeth and watch as the needle drags the black ink through your skin, it’s mesmerizing.

What tattoo would you get just for fun?
xo. Brie

New Tattoo


tattoo_done_ps When I decide to get a tattoo, it’s always something that has a great deal of meaning to me. I have three now, and I love all of them. I make myself wait and think about what I want to get, where I want it, etc, because it is…well, permanent. With this one, I knew I wanted to get “L’amour est patient” which is “Love is patient” in French. I wanted it because, well, patience is not my strong suit. When I want something to happen, I want it now. Of course, in true Briana fashion, I decided I was ready to get the tattoo and went about an hour later to get it. Baby steps…but I’m very happy with it.

xo. Brie