Tirta Empul Temple






While in Bali, we went to the Tirta Empul Temple near Ubud. The temple has a prayer springs where people can come in for ritual purification, as well as sacred areas of prayer and a showering area. That last one I unfortunately discovered by accidentally seeing a bunch of naked men showering, BUT, the rest of it was quite lovely. There were so many beautiful types of flowers all around the gardens, and everyone was required to wear sarongs out of respect. Something about needing to cover the knees…

It was a privilege to get to observe the rituals and practices of the temple, and the ancient architecture was really cool to see. Its crazy to think of how many people have passed through that way, and how many will in the future.

xo. Brie


Hello From Bali!

Hello from my home for the next two weeks! Bali was always on my dream list, but never somewhere I thought I’d ACTUALLY be. And yet, here we are!
The short story is, the husband is working for this bonkers awesome startup in the Bitcoin space, and they decided to come out to Hubud in Ubud for a two week team building/get a ton of stuff done get-away. So while handsome face works 12 hour days, I’ll be exploring this gorgeous paradise!

Come adventure with me!

xo. Brie